Whiskers and Feathers: A Miniature Feline and a Plush Owlet Share a Sweet Connection

Embark on a journey to meet the enchanting Fuku, the owlet, and Marimo, the kitty, at the delightful Hukulou café situated in Osaka, Japan.

It’s quite an unusual sight to observe a cat and an owl developing a friendship, as conventionally, tales are more about cats bringing their owners the unfortunate birds they’ve caught as tokens of affection. Thankfully, this pair breaks the mold. Fuku genuinely seems to enjoy the companionship of Marimo!

Hukulou, renowned for featuring owls as its primary charm, has amassed a significant fan base in Japan. It not only hosts its resident owls but also entertains sporadic visits from their avian companions. For those visiting, the café offers a range of charming owl-centric crafts and souvenirs. A heartwarming scene at the café is often the pair of owls cozying up together for a siesta.

And yes, they even share sweet little pecks.

The two are frequently seen indulging in cozy cuddles.

It looks like someone just enjoyed a delightful grooming session!

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