Meet Midas: The Enchanting Cat with Four Ears Winning Over the Internet

You might be familiar with the phrase “four eyes” usually directed at individuals who wear glasses, but the term “four ears” is likely less common. Allow me to introduce you to Midas, a charming kitten who possesses four ears, earning a rapidly growing following on the internet. Residing in Ankara, Turkey, Midas shares her home with her caretaker, Canis Dosemeci, who regularly updates the world about this extraordinary cat through Instagram.

Midas is no ordinary feline; she was born with a distinctive genetic abnormality that gave her two extra ears situated in front of the regular pair typically found on cats. Remarkably, each of her four ear flaps is connected to her ear canal, rendering all of them fully functional, making her even more extraordinary.

Even though she has a genetic irregularity that led to a malformed jaw, Midas experiences life just like any other cat, spending her days relaxing and engaging in playful activities with her Golden Retriever siblings. Dosemeci, through showcasing Midas’s unique yet normal life, aspires to inspire others to opt for adopting rescue animals over purchasing them.

Midas, with her additional pair of ears, is a delightful cat who relishes her playful and affectionate interactions with her dog siblings just like any other lovable kitten would. Through her presence, she illuminates the joy and companionship rescue pets can bring, and her story stands as a beacon of hope for other animals with unique traits and abnormalities, proving that every animal deserves love and a forever home.

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