Three Bottle Babies Have Rescuers Saying ‘Lions, Tigers, and Bears, Oh My!

“The Magic of Rescuing Kittens: A San Diego Adventure”

When San Diego rescuers welcomed three adorable bottle-baby kittens, their first exclamation was about the fleas infesting these tiny creatures. Immediate care, including a warm bath and parasite medication, was essential for these newborn felines.

The kittens clung to each other and a large tiger plush that mimicked a heartbeat, finding comfort in its presence. Christine, their dedicated “superstar foster,” was thrilled to care for these neonates, who required constant attention, including bottle feedings during the late-night hours.

The kittens soon became internet sensations when Kitten Rescue Life shared their heartwarming photo, leading to their Wizard of Oz-inspired names.

In the photo, from left to right, were Lion, the golden-hued kitty; Tiger, a striped tabby; and Bear, a white kitten with a distinct black nose resembling a bear. The image was undeniably one of the most charming kitten pictures ever seen.

The tiny lion, in particular, stole hearts with his endearing appearance.

These kittens were the epitome of cuteness, comfortably nestled in a warm incubator. Bear’s image was notably adorable, perfectly capturing the essence of ‘sitting pretty’.

Their growth was remarkable, noticeably visible just a week later. For Christine, their foster parent, the week felt longer due to the frequent two-hourly feedings. Yet, witnessing their development was immensely rewarding.

By month’s end, they had moved to a second foster home, evolving into playful wrestling companions, interspersing their bouts with naps.

As they ventured on their “Yellow Brick Road” journey in early August, Lion and Bear’s eyes sparkled beautifully. Lion’s eyes had transformed into a mesmerizing emerald green, while Bear’s eyes retained a hint of blue, both kittens seeming ready to conquer the world.

Tiger, meanwhile, found a new home with other furry companions. Their growth journey was rapid but cherished by all who followed their progress. The adorable photographs of their kittenhood remain timeless treasures.

To support Kitten Rescue Life, fans can purchase a calendar featuring these adorable kittens, with proceeds aiding the 2024 rescue initiatives. More details and delightful images are available on their Instagram and Facebook pages.

Additionally, prior to Lion, Tiger, and Bear’s arrival, the success story of two other rescued kittens had captured hearts, further highlighting the joy and impact of kitten rescue.

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