You Won’t Believe What Happens When We Explore the Intriguing Personalities of Cat Theater Felines!

Meet the Furry Performers: Inside the Enchanting World of Kuklachev’s Cat Theater. In late 2021, Veronica Ershova and I had the privilege of spending a week alongside Dmitry Kuklachev, capturing the essence of the most captivating members of his troupe.

Established in 1990, Kuklachev’s Cat Theater stands as the world’s sole cat theater. During a tour in Paris in 1995, the theater earned the prestigious Golden World Cup and the title of “The Most Unique Theater in the World.” In 2006, the International Association at the United Nations honored the theater with the “Golden Phenomenon” award, while the Association of Broadway Theaters hailed the production “Cats and the Artist” as the year’s finest play.

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