Meet Bowie: A Feline Fashionista with Eyes that Spellbind

Every cat is special, but some cats have an aura that’s simply magnetic. The first time I set eyes on Bowie, I was taken aback by his stunning looks. And trust me, once you see him, you’ll feel the same magic! Allow me to present Bowie The Monochrome Feline, whose eyes, in a rare blue and gold blend, will capture your attention instantly.

Sporting a sleek tuxedo coat and prominent whiskers, Bowie’s presence is truly mesmerizing. Adopted from PAWS – Progressive Animal Welfare Society in Washington, his owners instantly fell for his endearing look. Even before noticing his unique eyes, they felt a connection. Once he became a part of their family, they christened him ‘Bowie’ – a name befitting his distinctive eyes and charisma. This chill cat loves the simpler things in life, such as leisurely walking over to his meal.

Gaining fame on Instagram, Bowie, affectionately called ‘Bow’, steals hearts with his undeniable charisma. Naturally photogenic, he never fails to entertain. Currently residing in Seattle, Washington with his family and feline pal, Olive, Bowie either strikes poses or indulges in his favorite pastime – napping. Not to forget, he’s quite the bird enthusiast, always vigilant of the sky.

That image? It screams pure “cattitude”. And tuxedo cats? They have it in spades!

Bowie’s Instagram profile hints at a two-faced personality: sour at first but sweetening over time. Curious about this unique feline, I reached out to his owner, Scarlett French. Here’s what she revealed: Bowie entered their lives unexpectedly. Passing by PAWS cat city post a comedy event, they spotted several cats. But Bowie, looking right at them with those enchanting eyes, stood out. The following day, they learned he was temporarily on hold but decided to visit him anyway. Their gamble paid off!

It was during that visit they truly appreciated the beauty of his eyes. They were hooked! Fortunately, once the hold expired, they could bring him home. Naming him after the iconic David Bowie seemed apt. Their other cat, Olive, took some time warming up to Bowie, but now they’re thick as thieves. Every glimpse of Bowie brings joy to their hearts.

His personality? Relaxed, loving, and ever-curious. Bowie, quite the sociable cat, often rubs against dogs visiting their home, much to their amusement or annoyance. He’s content just being near his humans, though he’s not too keen on cuddles.

What sets him apart? Interestingly, Bowie hardly ever vocalizes. While he’s animated watching birds, he’s never been heard meowing. This silence, in contrast to previous cats they’ve had, endears him even more to his owners. Bowie might be unique with his mismatched eyes, but to them, he’s simply perfect. His gentle demeanor and beauty illuminate the world.

If Bowie has caught your fancy, you can keep up with his escapades on his Instagram. Share his account with those who’d appreciate his charm! A big thanks to Scarlett for allowing me to share Bowie’s journey. The captivating images belong to the star cat himself!

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