Kitten Clings to Family Cat and Shadows Him Everywhere, Getting Himself Adopted in the Process

A little orange furball found a forever home by attaching himself to a resident cat, showcasing the heartwarming bond between felines.

Brought to an animal shelter in a fragile state, this tiny kitten was struggling with a severe eye infection. The dedicated team at SpokAnimal saw the potential in him and decided to perform a crucial operation to remove both his eyes. Jamie Myers, upon hearing his story, stepped in to foster him, as reported by Love Meow.

Jamie embraced the responsibility with compassion, hand-feeding the weak kitten and providing round-the-clock comfort. Within three days, the young cat, named Stevie, showed remarkable improvement and began eating independently.

As Stevie’s health rebounded, so did his energy levels, and he soon discovered the joy of playing with toys. His playful nature and newfound zest for life were evident as he bounced around, ready to engage with other cats in playful antics.

Among all his feline companions, Stevie formed a special bond with Waffles, a cat whose presence exuded warmth and understanding. Stevie followed Waffles around, copying his every move and often snuggling up to him during nap times.

Growing in size and curiosity, Stevie shadowed Waffles, absorbing every nuance of his environment. Waffles, acting as his guide and mentor, helped him navigate new spaces, including mastering the art of climbing onto a large chair.

Waffles displayed remarkable patience with Stevie, showing him the ropes of feline life, including the challenge of conquering the stairs. Stevie tackled this obstacle with bravery and soon mastered the skill, moving up and down with confidence.

Stevie’s disability never dampened his spirit. He often relaxed on the stairs, enjoying the rich tapestry of sounds around him. Waffles introduced him to their favorite cozy spot near a heat vent, where they often cuddled up together, with Waffles caring for and cleaning his younger companion.

Demonstrating incredible agility, Stevie played with a ping pong ball like a soccer pro, impressing even his feline mentor, Waffles, who watched proudly from the sidelines.

Jamie, who also fosters children, noted that Stevie was keen to explore the crib and rocker, using his heightened sense of smell to navigate these new environments.

Jamie told Love Meow that she knew immediately they were Stevie’s permanent family. After overcoming significant challenges, Stevie not only found his forever home but also a lifelong friend in Waffles.

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