This Adorable Cross-Eyed Rescue Cat’s Goofy Look is Earning Big Bucks for Animal Charities! Find Out How!

Cross-Eyed Cat with ‘Goofy Stare’ Raises Big Bucks for Adoption Charities through T-Shirt Sales

Belarus, a unique cat with eyes that appear to gaze in different directions, has generated a significant amount of money for animal charities by selling apparel featuring his quirky face.

This extraordinary cat’s bright yellow eyes appear to look askew due to a medical condition known as strabismus, which gives him a perpetually endearing look of bewilderment.

Belarus caught the attention of the internet when a post from the San Francisco Animal Care & Control (SFACC) went viral in June 2018. This post made such an impression on Rachel Krall from San Francisco, California, that she felt compelled to meet him. Although she hadn’t been much of a cat enthusiast before, Belarus quickly captured her heart. Today, the two-year-old feline’s charm has garnered him a massive online following, boasting over 254,000 admirers on Instagram.

“When I first set eyes on Belarus, I found his appearance irresistibly charming,” Rachel shared. “Although I hadn’t been a cat aficionado, I felt he was special. My family felt the same way and encouraged me to adopt him, which I did.”

Rachel describes Belarus as having a range of amusing activities. “He’s fond of juggling, eagerly awaiting his automatic feeder, and, of course, giving the impression he’s looking everywhere at once,” she added.

While Rachel had grown up surrounded by various pets, she had recently decided her six-year-old dog would be happier with her family, especially considering her small apartment. It was during this time that she stumbled upon Belarus’s post. The adorable cat was at the SFACC because of complications his previous owners had with their landlord.

“I took time off work that day to meet Belarus at the shelter,” Rachel recounted. “I hadn’t planned on adopting a pet, but it was an instant connection. Later that evening, I was thrilled to learn I’d been chosen as his new owner.”

Strabismus causes one or both eyes to deviate due to abnormalities in the rectus muscles that control eye movement. However, apart from occasionally mistaking his water bowl for a toy, Belarus seems to have minimal vision issues. “He’s as inquisitive as any other cat, always eager to discover new places,” Rachel mentioned. “He loves playing with balls, twist ties, and trying to bury items with strong odors, like coffee.”

Thanks to his vast online popularity, a collection of clothing showcasing Belarus’s unique face is now available on Bonfire. Impressively, all of the proceeds go to local charities.

Rachel revealed, “Bonfire approached me, which sparked this initiative. Last year, we donated a total of $6,000. Of this, $4,000 went to SFACC, $1,000 aided the Sonoma Community Animal Response Team during the Sonoma wildfire crisis, and another $1,000 was given to Cat Town of Oakland. Initially, I committed to donating half of the earnings from our first campaign, but I ended up giving all of it.”

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