Get Your Daily Dose of Laughter with These Cat Memes

Cats exhibit a natural curiosity and possess a robust hunting instinct. Furthermore, they often showcase their playful and energetic nature.

At times, they release their pent-up energy by darting through various rooms, engaging in acrobatics on the furniture, and playfully pouncing on your socks with their adorable “murder mittens.”

The Instagram account @happycat318 does a really good job of capturing their mischievous ways.

The account posts memes depicting our beloved feline companions’ determination for world domination, and based on the content, it seems like it won’t be long before they secure all the catnip they desire.



According to Lucy Hoile, a feline behaviorist with a fantastic Facebook page brimming with entertaining and educational cat-related content, it’s quite likely that cats perceive us as just as capricious as we often perceive them to be, whether we embrace this notion or not.

“They find comfort in a consistent routine, aligning their activities with ours, often awakening in the morning alongside us or upon our return from work.”



Although some argue that the distinctions between humans and cats inherently create a divide, asserting that these animals, having evolved as solitary hunters with less reliance on interpreting social cues, particularly for behavioral adjustments, are challenging to train, Lucy Hoile holds a different perspective. She maintains that, while there may be a grain of truth in such claims, cats can be trained as effectively as dogs or any other creatures, provided we take into account a few additional factors.





“Training cats with incentives yields the best results; they’re not ones to act without a tempting reward,” she explained. “The challenge lies in identifying a sufficiently motivating reward—it has to be genuinely enticing. Smelly foods, such as tidbits of chicken or tuna, typically prove effective. Keep training sessions brief, as their interest tends to wane quickly, and break down the training into small, attainable steps.”








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