The Unbelievable Story of ‘Mama Kona’ – A Dog with a Heart for Kittens

Mama Kona is a delightful dog that assists Asa, a savior from Arlington, Virginia, in nurturing kittens. This residence is akin to a fairy-tale realm where kittens, bunnies, and puppies coexist in a bond of mutual affection. Among this delightful mix, Kona and her canine friend, Peeby, blend seamlessly with the charming kittens and rabbits.

Whenever cats like Freckles need a breather from tending to their little ones, Mama Kona steps in, offering gentle and loving care.

Just visualize discovering this adorable gang sprawled on your bed!

“It seems like it’s a ‘bed takeover’ kind of Saturday. Looks like the floor’s mine tonight!” chuckled Asa, seeing Kona and the kittens on the bed.

The evident love and affection Kona has for these kittens make her the ideal canine caretaker. She’s always excited, with a tail that never stops wagging, every time a new kitten arrives.

“First impressions with Kona always seem to be: ‘HELLO, NEW FRIEND! I ADORE YOU!’ Such enthusiasm,” says Asa, watching the dog interact with the kittens.

Thanks to Kona’s presence, the kittens grow accustomed to canine company. This makes it easier for them to adjust in households with dogs.

Asa mentions, “Kona’s heart is so vast and full of love. Nori, in particular, has bonded deeply with Kona and seems to enjoy the company of our resident dogs the most. It’s our hope that Nori finds a family that already has canine companions.”

Recently, a group of kittens named “The Teenies” – Mochi, Nori, Tofu, and Miso – were introduced to Mama Kona after their arrival at the Animal Welfare League of Arlington. Their encounter was filled with what Asa lovingly calls “Mama Kona’s magic”.

“Observing Kona interact with the kittens always brings a smile to my face. The gentle nature with which she treats them is heartwarming,” comments Asa.

It wasn’t long before Kona found herself surrounded by these playful furballs, giving Asa the impression that she might be in over her head. She played the perfect playground for the kittens, letting them clamber all over her.

“Kona’s unwavering patience, even with these energetic kittens playing around her, never ceases to amaze me,” Asa observes.

Regardless of the kittens’ playful antics, Kona remains kind-hearted, often dozing off while the kittens continue their games. And once they tire, they snuggle up next to her for a nap.

On certain occasions, some kittens, like Jessee, form a special bond with Kona, preferring her over their siblings. Asa is now on the lookout for a family with a dog to adopt Jessee. But it’s hard to imagine any other pup being as endearing as Kona.

For more heartwarming stories, you can follow Asa on Instagram and keep up with the Animal Welfare League of Arlington.

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