The Power of Love: Incredible Stories of Rescue Cats Post-Adoption Glow-Up

There’s nothing more rewarding for animal lovers than seeing a neglected or stray pet find a loving home. The transformation a critter undergoes in the care of an owner can convince us that this world isn’t a cruel, dark place, but rather one of love and optimism.

So we at Bored Panda would like to invite you to take a look at one of our favorite subreddits, r/BeforeNAfterAdoption. It’s felines, to be precise. There are many pictures of the then and now to show how adoption can transform lives! These images, which range from undernourished and scared cats to happy and healthy family members can help you start your week on a positive note.

#1: Second Chance

Second Chance

#2: One Year Of Good Care And Love

#3 The Day They Were Found And 3 Years Later

The feline behaviorist said that “an estimated 4 million cats euthanized every year in animal shelters around the world. While countless others became feral as a result of being abandoned or being doomed to death in car accidents. They may also die from infections, starvation, and not being prepared to survive on their own.

Education and information are essential for the person who wants to adopt a cat, but also to reduce these shocking statistics.

#4 Found This Scrap Of A Kitten Under A Bus Stop. Was Worried She’d Be Blind, But Look At Those Beautiful Eyes Now!

#5 She Was Shaking Like A Leaf And Kept Burying Her Head In Our Arms

#6 This Is Doutor Before And After Adopted

#7 Rabbit & Cricket, 1 Year Later

#8 Toast The Day I Brought Him Home And Then A Few Months Later!

#9 Five Years Ago I Fed A Stray Kitten, It Followed Me Home

#10: My Handsome Boy Fry

#11 Saw Him Looking Way Too Small And Sick. Now Healthy And So Fluffy

#12 My Neighbors Saw A Cat Get Hit By A Car. Unfortunately, She Couldn’t Be Saved. Then They Heard A Kitten Crying Under A Shed

#13 Found In A Dumpster With Very Bad Eye Infections

#14 Found Him Omw To Work And Couldn’t Leave Him. He’s Getting Handsome

#15 Got A Litter Of Kittens With My Stray Adoption

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