Walking Tall: The Two-Legged Kitty with Dino Vibes

Based on a report from BuzzFeed News, Able, a feline from Bangkok, Thailand, with only two legs, serves as a beacon of hope and resilience. At the age of 5, this spirited tabby has overcome great odds after losing both his front legs and tail to an unfortunate electrocution incident.

The story goes that AbleMaew was attempting to catch a bird perched atop an apartment building. Sadly, in the midst of his hunt, he mistakenly came in contact with an electrified wire, as detailed by BuzzFeed News.

After the traumatic event, AbleMaew’s front legs were critically injured and his tail and rectum were severely affected. The aftermath required a veterinarian to amputate his front legs. Adapting to this new reality was a tough journey for Able, who initially leaned on his forehead to move around.

Nowadays, AbleMaew confidently roams around on his two back legs, evoking imagery of the famed Tyrannosaurus rex.

Able’s owner shared that many are intrigued by the cat’s unique walking style, especially when navigating stairs. His daily adventures and quirks, which are regularly documented on his Facebook account, have garnered significant attention. Along with his love for treats and racing up and down stairs, Able cherishes moments with his adoptive feline sibling, Fifi.

Despite his changed circumstances, which prevent him from hunting birds, Able’s interest in them remains undiminished. He often sits by the window, keenly observing the avian world outside.

His owner notes that AbleMaew is particularly captivated by bird-centric shows on channels like National Geographic TV.

Able’s owner describes him as a calm and kind-hearted cat, devoid of any aggression. They hope that Able’s story will inspire and uplift many who come to know of his incredible journey.

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