“Watch Millie’s Quick Guide: Master the Art of Expressing Your Cat’s Bladder Effortlessly!”

In Northern California, a charming six-month-old kitten named Millie is looking for a forever home, preferably before the holiday season. This adorable kitten, who enjoys being cradled like an infant, was rescued from a steel mill where she was found with difficulties in moving her legs. At her foster home, Millie, nicknamed “Millionaire” for her endearing qualities, quickly became a favorite with her oversized charm.

Despite being born with hind leg and tail paralysis and being incontinent, Millie’s playful antics and affectionate nature make her a delightful companion. She requires special care, including regular diaper changes and bladder expressions, a task she enjoys due to the associated treats. Her foster mom, Allie, has helpfully provided a video tutorial on this process. Millie, growing stronger through physical therapy, is an adaptable kitten who has shown great potential for adventurous outings, living comfortably with other pets and a toddler. Those interested in adopting Millie can follow Mission Meow Cat Rescue and Adoptions Inc. for more information.

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