Cats Meow, Cows Moo, Keith Does Both: The Tail-Tale of a Feline with Bovine Spirit

Without question, the digital community of cat enthusiasts has a penchant for chunky felines and those resembling cows. Merging these two preferences gives rise to a captivating cat, much like Keith, the Cat-Cow from Britain. Now at the age of nine, Keith has consistently shown his affectionate and gentle nature to his human companions. His cat parent unveiled on Instagram that they had adopted Keith during his malnourished and unhealthy phase at six months. Regardless of his initial health setbacks, Keith was an animated and spirited kitty. He became the primary companion for his owner’s daughter, who, living with autism, found it challenging to socialize. I connected with Keith’s cat parent to highlight his inspiring journey, and she happily obliged. Prepare to be smitten with this extraordinary feline.

Could you delve into Keith’s adoption story? In 2013, my daughter and I were immersed in volunteer work at a local cat sanctuary. A frail kitten was introduced to the center after being found homeless. Tragically, he was battling cat flu and digestive disorders, likely due to his former unsanitary environment. Even after extended care for several weeks, the young cat wasn’t recuperating. But my daughter, who lives with autism, grew incredibly fond of him. The kitten seemed attached to her, always by her side or perched on her shoulder. Concerned for his prospects, I opted to provide him with a nurturing home environment. I kept it a secret from my daughter when I sought veterinary assessments, apprehensive about potential diseases like FIV and FeLV that could impact our resident cats. Funnily enough, it was the eve of Charlie’s birthday. She assumed our journey was shelter-bound, but in a twist, we retrieved the young feline from the vet.

Regarding his moniker, Charlie initially dubbed him ‘Spartacus,’ likening him to a fighter. Yet, given his lighthearted antics, the name felt mismatched, leading us to settle on Keith. The choice was inspired by comedian Keith Lemon, resonating with our comical furball’s jovial disposition.

I observed Keith seems to have shed some pounds. Could you detail his weight loss journey? Keith’s battle with his weight has been persistent. As early as one year old, he tipped the scales at 5.5kg, prompting us to introduce a specialized diet. Yet, his fondness for food remained undeterred. Any attempt to limit his portions led to stress and subsequent ailments. Previously, his outdoor adventures included foraging in garbage, often adversely affecting his health. Transitioning him indoors didn’t curb his weight trajectory. While numerous tests were conducted, his veterinarian speculates a potential pituitary gland anomaly. Yet, the potential hazards of an MRI and anesthesia deter further exploration. Presently, our focus remains on regulating his diet, pacing his meals, and brainstorming innovative methods to keep him agile and healthy.

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