Unbelievable Cat Glow-Up: 10 Chonky Kitties Shed Pounds and Steal Hearts!

On the internet, we’ve coined various terms to playfully describe animals that may have packed on a few extra pounds, such as “chonker,” “chonky,” “thicc,” and “absolute units.” While these terms can be endearing, it’s clear that pets shouldn’t be overweight for their own health.

Here, we’ve gathered a series of before-and-after pictures showcasing cats whose caring owners made dedicated efforts to help them shed those excess pounds. As you scroll through these heartwarming transformations, feel free to show your support by upvoting your favorite examples and sharing your thoughts in the comments below.

Cabbage In 2020 vs. 2021 – Chonker Transformation

Sybil’s Chonk Status One Year Ago vs. Today. Good Job Sybil

Chunky Was 6.2 Kg When We Adopted Her, After Being Left With Unlimited Food In The Shelter. Now She’s 4.4 Kg

Ivy’s Weight Loss Journey. It Was A Struggle

Kudos Are In Order For My Best Friend Bubba! I Hope This Will Keep You With Me For A Few More Years. Proud Of You Dude

My Chonky Boy Butters Is Almost At His Goal Weight Of 15 Pounds, Down From 20! After Almost 7 Months Of A Strict Diet He Only Has 0.8 More Pounds To Go

Before And After Chonk

6-Month Difference

Garfield’s Dechonkification

Before And After Weight Loss For Our Fluff Chonk

Tomorrow Marks One Year Of Sushi’s Diet Journey! 3 Lbs Down But Just As Derp

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