“Meet Popeye and Cole: The Tropical Twins Turn Chicago’s Coolest Cats – Their Purrfect Tale of Adventure!”

In a cozy Chicago feline haven known as the Catcade, an arcade-inspired cat café, a pair of enchanting black kittens with mesmerizing golden eyes captured the hearts of visitors during the Halloween week. These two adorable ‘house panthers’, including one named Cole, and his inseparable companion, Popeye, have a captivating backstory that spans across the ocean, proving the age-old saying, “it takes a village,” to be undeniably true.

The Catcade is renowned for its unique and humorous spin on cat adoption, where the kitties’ eccentricities are celebrated with a distinct Chicago flair. However, this furry duo didn’t start off in the bustling city. Their journey began far away, traveling over the Atlantic to seek new homes in the renowned windy city.

Back in April 2018, during a visit to the Catcade, Chris, also known as Cat Man Chris, celebrated National High Five Day and National Cat Lady Day by sharing a joyous high five with one of the Catcade’s own, highlighting the playful spirit of the café.

Chris, one of the founders, eloquently described the dynamic duo, Popeye and Cole:

“Imagine the most epic duo you could possibly encounter. Here are Popeye and Cole – two sleek, adventurous little guys who can’t wait to greet you at the door and eagerly listen to your daily tales. They’re like two devoted companions you didn’t know you needed until now.”

“Let’s keep it real – we wouldn’t dare fabricate their charming qualities just to find them a loving home. That would be unthinkable! They truly are good-looking, affectionate, and have more muscles than I did back in ’94. It’s a lucky twist of fate that you can meet them before they hit their laid-back, reminiscing-the-good-old-days phase.”

“If you’re in the market for a pair of feline friends to snuggle and possibly partner in some harmless mischief, then come by and meet these little rascals.”

Originally from the idyllic Virgin Islands, the pair began their lives amidst palm trees and ocean breezes. Their transition from island life to the urban jungle of Chicago was nothing short of extraordinary.

Popeye was discovered by a local rescuer, Ray, as a fiery little kitten with an eye condition that earned him his name. Despite his tough start, Popeye made a miraculous recovery under the care of the St.Thomas Humane Society.

“Popeye was in a sorry state when I found him. His eye condition was severe. I’m filled with gratitude that people saw his potential, and now he’s all set for a loving home,” expressed Ray V.

Cole and Popeye flourished under the nurturing care of their foster mother, Brianna B, in St. Thomas, who noted their sweet disposition and quirky habits. They were well-socialized with other animals and grew into robust and loving cats.

Their journey to Chicago was made possible by the Humane Society of St. Thomas and their “Pets with Wings” program, collaborating with rescuers nationwide to help pets like Cole and Popeye find homes on the U.S. mainland.

The collective efforts of numerous compassionate individuals enabled these once-abandoned kittens to seek out a brighter future. Now at 8 and 6 months old, respectively, Cole and Popeye are thriving at the Catcade, with Cole earning the affectionate nickname “cuddle monster” from visitors.

For those interested in learning more about Cole and Popeye or considering adoption, follow the Catcade on their social media platforms and visit their website to make a reservation.

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