Unbelievable! Dual-Colored Cat Fathers Kittens That Inherit His Stunning Split Shades

In 2018, Narnia captured hearts worldwide with his remarkable dual-colored face and mesmerizing blue eyes. His caretaker, Stephanie Jiminez, recognized his unparalleled charm from his birth. As Narnia matured, he not only charmed everyone but also took on the role of a doting father. His recent offspring, Phoenix and Prada, showcase fur shades reflecting either side of their father’s distinctive face. This even split is truly a wonder to behold, ensuring both kittens carry forward Narnia’s enchanting allure. For those intrigued by Narnia’s captivating tale and his vibrant family, their adventures can be followed on their dedicated Instagram account at Chatterie de la Grâce.

Photo credits: amazingnarnia.

These kittens, each showcasing a unique hue, have expanded Narnia’s charming lineage. The snapshot, courtesy of amazingnarnia, captures their essence perfectly.

Our friends at Bored Panda got in touch with Stephanie to get an insight into Narnia’s journey as a parent. As per her, Narnia, ever the playful parent, adores his time with the kittens. Interestingly, this isn’t his debut as a dad. He has previously sired multiple litters, each boasting diverse fur palettes. Stephanie, an adept cat breeder, christened the kittens with captivating names like Prada, Phoenix, Orfée, Ozanna, Roswell, Rose, Polaris, and Phantom. Given Narnia’s exceptional charm, it’s no surprise that his offspring are equally beguiling.

Narnia’s riveting blue gaze is hard to ignore.

Photo credit: amazingnarnia.

In a fascinating twist, while Prada and Phoenix have eyes differing from Narnia, the majority of his kittens flaunt his signature blue eyes. Stephanie divulged this is due to a rare “ice” gene, which only a handful of felines globally possess. Additionally, Narnia is gearing up to embrace fatherhood again with a new litter expected around June 29th.

Image credits: amazingnarnia.

Earlier, many believed Narnia, originally born in Paris but now residing in Britain, to be an elusive chimera feline. However, Stephanie, in a prior conversation, shared some surprising details. After genetic evaluations, it turned out Narnia carried a single DNA strain, leaving researchers astounded. Stephanie remarked, “The tests unveiled that Narnia has a singular DNA, a mystery that continues to baffle the scientific community.”

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