Meet Cricket: The Adorable Two-Footed Kitten Conquering the World with Cuteness and Courage!

Cricket, a charming silver tabby kitten, epitomizes the essence of resilience and zest for life. Despite facing more challenges than the average kitten, Cricket’s spirit and adaptability are nothing short of remarkable.

Grace, from Happy Kitty Rescue, can’t help but gush about him: “Cricket is an incredible source of joy and energy! He’s incredibly playful, inquisitive, and always in high spirits. Observing him is nothing but uplifting 🥹.”

Cricket’s hind legs are unique, ending in little fluffy stumps. Veterinarians believe he may have lost his paws in an unfortunate incident as a young kitten. However, his survival instincts kicked in, and he found his way to a shelter in Los Angeles.

That’s where his life took a significant and positive turn.

A call for help from the shelter captured the attention of Grace, the founder of Happy Kitty Rescue. She is known for caring for Joey, a renowned cat in the rescue community known for his shortened front legs. Once labeled feral, Joey turned into a delightful foster uncle for other kittens in Grace’s care.

Seeing Cricket, Grace was reminded of Joey and felt compelled to rescue him. She immediately went to the shelter, brought him home, and showered him with care and affection. Cricket adjusted quickly, showing enthusiasm for toys and play for the first time.

Grace recalls, “After seeing the shelter’s plea about a kitten missing his hind limbs, I was instantly reminded of Joey. I just had to step in and help.”

Thousands of people online were charmed by the little kitten, participating in naming him. Over 3,000 people cast their votes, and Cricket became his new name. Generous donations poured in to ensure he has the best life possible.

“Cricket – what a perfect name for our adorable little guy, chosen by over 3,000 of you ☺️.”

Crickets are considered symbols of good luck, and this Cricket is no exception.

“We have a little superstar on our hands! Just look at him, pegs and all 🤭,” shares Happy Kitty Rescue.

Regarding his unique legs, initial thoughts were that he might need small shoes for protection. However, after consulting with an orthopedic surgeon, the prognosis was surprisingly positive.

The surgeon’s advice was encouraging. Cricket should use his stumps as much as he can on soft surfaces to strengthen them.

“The orthopedic surgeon gave us fantastic news. Cricket is doing wonderfully and adapting exceptionally well. He doesn’t require any immediate treatment. The focus is on him using his back nubs, particularly on softer surfaces, to develop calluses. We’re hopeful he’ll continue to thrive just as he is 🤞.”

As Cricket grows, his needs will be assessed and addressed by the medical team.

Cricket has mastered navigating cushioned stairs, adapting quickly and even learning to climb back up effortlessly.

“Despite his challenges, Cricket’s resilience and adaptability are awe-inspiring. He doesn’t let anything deter him from enjoying life to the fullest, just like any other kitten 🥰,” says Happy Kitty Rescue.

To support Cricket and Happy Kitty Rescue, follow their journey on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook.

Watch Cricket energetically conquer the stairs in the video below:

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