10 Times Cats Melted Hearts: These Adorable Moments Will Leave You Smiling All Day!

We all require a little boost of positivity on occasion, and we’ve discovered that turning to the timeless tradition of gazing at adorable cat pictures is a guaranteed method to add some sunshine to your day.

At the behest of the Esteemed Council of Incredibly Fluffy Felines, the dedicated Bored Pedia team has curated a delightful selection of heartwarming and wholesome cat photos sourced from various corners of Reddit. Whether you’re a fan of cuddly kittens or regal, fully-grown floofs, these images are guaranteed to bring a smile to your face and mend your spirit. Please, feel free to scroll down, upvote your favorites, and, should the fates permit, attempt to give these virtual kitties a friendly pet through your screen.

I’ve Never Seen A More Expressive Kitty


Tiny Floof With Tiny Claws

I Had A Feeling I Was Being Watched And I Looked Over And Saw This Creature Staring At Me From Across The Room

Resistance Is Futile

A Foster My Mother In Law Has, I Want To Adopt Her So Bad

Never Shared My Kitten Saffrone Here, She’s 6 Months Old Now

This Is Pantera, He Is Half The Size Of His Siblings But He Is The Most Hard Core Of Them All!

Probably The Best Kitten Group Picture I’ll Ever Take!

One Of The Kittens In Our Neonate Center At Work Decided To Show Off The Beans

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