A Stray Cat’s Journey: Finding Love and Safety for Her Furry Family

A feline mother is reveling in the comfort and security of a loving home where her kittens can flourish.

On September 21, 2023, a family discovered an orange tabby and took her to a veterinary clinic. The feline, who had a bite wound on her hip—likely from an altercation with another animal—received medical care. An ultrasound later confirmed her pregnancy.

After no one came to claim her, the cat was taken in by the Cat Adoption Team in Oregon. “She wasn’t microchipped, so we became her new family,” said Renee, a worker and foster parent at the facility.

Recognizing that the expectant tabby, now named Duchess, needed a secure environment to nurture her kittens, Renee offered to foster her. Initially wary and a bit timid, Duchess gradually grew comfortable with her human caregivers, eventually indulging in belly rubs. “As she began to trust us, she also got a little playful,” Renee noted.

As she settled into her new living space, Duchess approved of her new “kitten suite” and seemed to relish the attention from Renee, who taught her that hands are for gentle petting and not toys.

Renee told Love Meow that Duchess gave birth to five healthy kittens after just ten days in foster care. “She was notably calm during the delivery, clearly an experienced mother,” she added.

Duchess was attentive and meticulous in caring for her new brood. “She keeps a watchful eye, especially when I weigh the kittens, but she’s gradually letting me handle them more,” Renee shared.

After giving her kittens her undivided care, Duchess finally decided to spend some time with Renee, kneading a nearby blanket while enjoying some well-deserved head scratches.

Duchess’s past remains a mystery, but what is clear is that she’s embracing her newfound comfort and security. “She looks genuinely relaxed now,” observed Renee.

The kittens are now starting to open their eyes and are expected to be put up for adoption after being spayed or neutered in 6-8 weeks. Duchess herself will also be spayed, marking the end of her days as a mother.

Duchess entered her foster home in search of a safer life for her kittens, and she found just that—now they’re all flourishing, eagerly awaiting their forever homes.

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