15 Cat-tastrophes: When Felines Just Had to Share Their ‘Meow-ment’

Behold the virtual treasure trove where the ancient Egypt of cat imagery meets the modern digital age – the internet! Just as the walls of the pharaohs once celebrated divine felines, today’s cyber realm is awash with adorable kitties, cat memes, and fascinating feline facts. Cats may no longer be revered as gods, but they’ve clawed their way into our hearts, and their online presence is nothing short of legendary. In fact, there are now so many unique cat images on the internet that they nearly outnumber us humans! It’s a virtual cat-astrophe, and we’re loving every moment of it!

Now, prepare to embark on a whimsical journey through the enchanting subgenre of the internet known as “Cats Who Yell.” These aren’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill cats; these are the talkative felines with something to say, and they’re ready to take center stage. Get your scrolling fingers ready, prepare to upvote your favorites, and don’t forget to share your own purr-fectly delightful thoughts in the comments section!

#1 The Doorbell Diva: Millie’s Announcement 🚪🔔

Ever wondered how our feline friends let us know when someone’s at the door? Meet Millie, the four-legged doorbell of BarfsackReport. She doesn’t just meow discreetly; she proclaims it loud and clear. As “tw72” hilariously puts it, Millie’s declaration is the cat version of shouting, “Stacey, Amazon’s here!” – a purrfect blend of home security and humor.


#2 The Spooky Cat’s Spectral Saga 🎃

Spooky Cat, as introduced by Ok-Interaction-4081, wasn’t just any ordinary cat. She was a stray that decided she had found her person, and together, they embarked on a remarkable journey. Although Spooky Cat may have moved on to the great litter box in the sky, she spent her last year spoiled rotten. Janine Smith’s response is simple and heartfelt: “Bless you 🙏.” It’s a tale of a feline’s transformation from stray to cherished family member


#3 The Floofy Little Screamer’s Fairy Tale

In the magical world of the internet, you’ll find heartwarming stories like the one shared by snerdie. A friend found a floofy little screamer in a woodpile and went on a quest to provide her with a forever home. As Lauren S beautifully puts it, it’s a “happy ending for a tiny floof yeller.” The internet is not just a realm of memes; it’s a place where cats find their happily ever after.

#4 Chonks and His Cat Tree Throne 🌳

Meet Chonks, the feline monarch of Vast_Ant_3355’s household. Chonks doesn’t just express his approval for the newly assembled cat tree; he proclaims it to the heavens! As Lauren S humorously interprets, Chonks is “howling to his ancestors to let them know the humans have finally made him a suitable throne.” Long live King Chonks!

#5 The Culinary Critic: The Fat One 🍔

We’ve all witnessed the dramatic pleas for food from our furry friends, and AirDevilReport’s “The Fat One” takes it to the next level. Editor_16 humorously channels the inner thoughts of this gourmet feline, exclaiming, “I’m dying of starvation here. Dying, I tell you!” It’s not just dinner; it’s a life-or-death situation!

#6 Tummy Rub Demands and the Audacity of Humans 🙀

When PocketsAndSedition7 doesn’t receive the required tummy rubs, there’s no room for negotiation. As Lauren S points out, it’s a one-way ticket to “straight to jail.” The audacity of humans – they just don’t understand the pressing importance of cat massages!

#7 The Master of Stealth: Tall Grass Camouflage 🌿

In the world of “Cats Who Yell,” you’ll encounter cats with an artistic flair for camouflage. Angiedoesntsocialize’s cat loves to hide in tall grass but gets hilariously mad when discovered. As Lauren S playfully interprets, this cat believes itself to be invisible, commanding the human to “look away.”

#8 The Dinner Bell Dilemma 🍽️

Mealtime is a sacred event for our feline companions, and when it’s even a few minutes late, they’re quick to vocalize their disapproval. Triptanic’s cat isn’t shy about expressing its discontent. “Open the freakin’ door, Linda. I know you see me!” exclaims “tw72.” Linda, you’re on notice – the cat’s clock is ticking!

#9 The Stray’s Demand for Comfort and Comfy Beds 🏡

Donutdespair introduces us to a stray cat who has been lovingly fed for six months and now demands a comfy bed inside. Lauren S encapsulates the situation perfectly: “Well, what are you waiting for! Open the door! You’ve been chosen!!”

#10 Boopie’s Vaccine Trip: An Inconvenient Adventure 💉

Vaccines are crucial, but try explaining that to Boopie. Akcgal shares Boopie’s perspective on the vaccine trip, and Lauren S empathizes with the cat’s predicament. Cats may not enjoy the stick, but they play a vital role in keeping our world healthy. Boopie deserves an extra treat for being a trooper!

#11 Cheese and the Unwritten Rules of Cat Adoption 🧀

BGL911’s cat has a fondness for cheese, and it’s determined to share in the breakfast sandwich delight. However, Lauren S hilariously outlines the unwritten rules of being adopted by a cat, including the fact that all food is theirs, and human socks are fair game.

#12 Strelka Aka “Yelly Strelly” 📢

Zuzuofthewolves introduces us to Strelka, a feline with an opinion on fashion choices. “Tw72” provides an amusing interpretation of Strelka’s comment: “Are you gonna wear THAT to work? Bold choice, Linda.” Who knew cats moonlighted as fashion critics?

#13 The Inside Girl’s Window Serenade 🪟

Penny, the inside girl of WiscoSoundReport, is always ready to fuss through the window when her human is in the backyard. Lauren S offers an endearing insight: “She’s worried about you.”

#14 He Has a Lot to Say 🗣️

Kupiid’s feline has a wealth of thoughts to share with the world. Lauren S playfully imagines a hilarious scenario where the cat calls in “sick” to work, blaming a mysterious void with a death glare that has claimed his door handle.

So there you have it, the rollicking world of “Cats Who Yell” on the internet! These loquacious felines, with their vocal acrobatics and colorful personalities, add a touch of whimsy to our digital lives. It’s a place where cats



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