You Won’t Believe How This Cat’s Expression Changed After Finding Her Forever Home

Down in Tucson, Arizona, Kate Perillo stumbled upon some photos that she couldn’t shake off. They were of a Siamese cat named Sad Mouth Sam. This feline had an unusually distinct appearance: wide lips and misaligned eyes. Intrigued and captivated, Perillo decided to get in touch, a decision that would transform both their futures.

Perillo remarked to The Dodo, “Though I don’t usually believe in signs, I’ve always felt that when adopting a pet, it should resonate with you. And with Sam’s photo, it just clicked.”

Living amidst the feral cats at Poet Square Cats, Sam suffered from eosinophilic granuloma complex — an allergic reaction that can arise from dietary or environmental factors. This condition led to an inflammation around Sam’s mouth.

“After receiving a steroid injection, an antibiotic, and transitioning to a sheltered life, her condition improved remarkably in a matter of months,” explained Perillo. “She lost a few tiny front teeth, but that doesn’t dampen her spirit.”

Having grown up with Siamese cats, the void left by their passing in 2015 deepened with the loss of her mother in 2017 for Perillo. It was during this period of reflection that she came across Sam’s photos, prompting her to make a journey from Massachusetts to meet the intriguing feline.

“I felt a gap for quite a while, pondering when I’d be ready to embrace a new furry companion,” Perillo shared. “The moment I saw Sam’s endearing face in those photos, I felt that the time was ripe. She’s brought immense joy into my life.”

With improved health, Sam’s bubbly personality shines through. She revels in the warm sun rays on Perillo’s shielded balcony and is often caught bird-watching by her cherished window. Not to mention, she’s quite the playful cat.

“Sam is quite an interactive cat. She’s sharp, chatty, and doesn’t hesitate to convey her desires,” mentioned Perillo. “For instance, if she’s in the mood for some feather wand fun, she’ll make a sound, guide you to the wand, and even pick it up, indicating her playful intentions.”

Sam’s journey, from her health issues to finding a loving home, reflects her resilience. She now relishes the life she’s always been entitled to. For Perillo, Sam represents more than just a pet.

“Pets indeed have a therapeutic presence, and I can personally vouch for the positive impact on mental well-being,” Perillo expressed. “In the wake of my mother’s departure, Sam’s presence feels like a beacon, keeping the memories of my mother alive and radiant.”

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