Six Toes, One Heart: Discover the Inspiring Story of Sansa, the Polydactyl Feline

In a world where each of us thrives on our distinct characteristics, cats are no exception. It’s our unique traits that set us apart, making us extraordinary. Sansa, with her captivating heterochromia eyes, 21 dainty toes, and shimmering white coat, resembles a celestial feline that makes you pause and admire. Although once disregarded by her prior owners who couldn’t recognize her splendor, fate had other plans. A compassionate woman, without even laying eyes on her, realized Sansa was meant to be with her. Thus began the saga of Sansa the Polydactyl Cat, a true gem deserving infinite adoration.

Special-needs cats like Sansa often face hesitation from potential families, fearing the uncertainties of their care. Yet, every cat requires commitment, and cats with unique requirements should not be seen as burdens. Sansa’s tale could potentially inspire many to embrace such lovely beings. During a chat with Sansa’s human, I unraveled more about this beguiling creature.

I stumbled upon Sansa during an adoption gathering at a Petco store in Manhattan back in July 2016. My husband and I initially intended to meet another cat we spotted on PetFinder. However, a conspicuously vacant cage with a poignant note caught my gaze. The note spoke of a cat’s anguish and despair. Intrigued, I inquired, only to discover Sansa (then named Snow), veiled beneath her bedding, revealing her mesmerizing eyes and additional toes.

Sansa’s age? Well, she graced our lives when she was about 18 months old. Now, at 5, she’s radiant as ever. While her exact birth remains a mystery, we honor it on December 1st, marking the beginning of her life journey.

And her personality? Imagine a concoction of sweetness, zing, and all things delightful. She’s astute, endearing, and brimming with playful antics. Her morning ritual? Rousing us by playfully tossing items off the nightstand, relentlessly continuing until we’re fully awake. Amidst this playful demeanor lies a serene and gentle soul. Nonetheless, she’s sensitive to loud noises, often taking refuge in quiet corners.

Discussing her Feline Hyperesthesia, previously, she’d suffer bouts of uncontrollable tail aggression multiple times daily. But with the help of hemp oil, these episodes have subsided significantly, occurring briefly once or twice a week. Distractions, especially toys, help steer her attention away during such moments.

When it comes to toes, Sansa boasts a total of twenty-one. Her front paws each have an extra toe, six in total, while her back paws differ, with the left having five and the right with the regular four.

A remarkable fact about Sansa? Despite a tumultuous start, she has transformed from a timid, frightened feline to a lap-loving charmer, showering affection galore. Her evolution emphasizes that even the most anxious cats can blossom with patience and care, making them just as lovable as any other.

A heartfelt thanks to Karen for allowing Sansa’s story to unfold here. Sansa’s life journey serves as a beacon, advocating for the adoption of cats who might otherwise be overlooked. Their boundless love can fill homes with warmth and happiness. To keep up with Sansa’s daily adventures, you can follow her on Instagram.

Pictures courtesy: Sansa the Polydactyl Cat on Instagram.

For those intrigued by multi-toed cats, check out my Cattitude Daily YouTube channel, where I delve deeper into their fascinating world. Enjoy and stay curious!

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