Rescued Together, Bonded Forever: These Kittens Are Inseparable

After their rescue, two closely bonded kittens made it clear they wanted to remain inseparable.

During the warm months, a batch of kittens found refuge at Arlington’s Animal Welfare League in Virginia. The devoted volunteers of the Kitten College program put in endless hours ensuring the kittens received the care they needed.

Among them, two smaller siblings required extra nurturing. Lauren Strycula, a dedicated foster carer from the shelter, took them under her wing.

In the initial days, the fluffy siblings clung to each other, seeking mutual comfort. Both were in a delicate state of health. Jace, the younger of the two, struggled with feeding from a bottle. Meanwhile, his sister Jackie would curl beside him for support.

With consistent care and medication, their health and energy levels began to improve. The joy of watching Jace delightfully wiggle his ears during feeding times made every effort worth it for Lauren. Jackie, seeing her brother’s progress, became even more enthusiastic about feeding and playing.

In the ensuing weeks, the kittens thrived. They started exploring beyond their comfort zone, mastered the litter box, and began feeding from a plate, always together.

While they looked strikingly similar, their personalities were distinct. Jace was the playful one, always up to some antics, while Jackie was calm and soothing. They complemented each other perfectly.

Upon reaching a certain age, Lauren recognized the need for a forever home that would welcome both kittens with open arms.

Enter Alexandra and Bryan, who, while seeking a furry addition to their family, stumbled upon Jace and Jackie on Instagram. Enchanted by the duo, they contacted the shelter and were identified as the ideal fit.

Lauren reflected on her time with the kittens, “Their zest for life, unwavering trust, quirky behaviors, and profound affection for one another will always remain in my memory. While my chapter in their lives concludes, their wonderful journey together is just beginning.”

Curious about their transition? Here’s a heartwarming video:

At their new residence, the kittens adapted swiftly. They curiously explored every corner of their new home, always together.

“After a few introductory hours, they were energetically bouncing around,” recounted Alexandra. “By nighttime, we played some calming cat music, and soon they were cuddled up with us in bed.”

Now known as Whiskey (the brother) and Pippa (the sister), the pair alternated between Alexandra and Bryan for their snuggles. “Whiskey even took a liking to napping on Bryan’s shoulder, often burying his face in Bryan’s beard,” Alexandra added.

The bond between Whiskey and Pippa is heartwarming. They remain within sight of each other, ensuring they’re always part of each other’s activities. From playing to even sharing the litter box, they do everything together.

Besides their mischievous runs and climbs around the house, they love observing the world from their window hammock. “They’re particularly fascinated by birds and often snuggle with us, purring loudly,” Alexandra commented.

Demanding and adorable, they ensure they get the attention they crave. If they don’t find an immediate lap, they gently nudge their humans to get one.

Alexandra beautifully summed it up, “Their mutual affection is enchanting. We’re elated they’re with us, and hope their story inspires others to think about adopting in pairs.”

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