Neglected Persian Cat Roams Streets for Months Before Rescued by Loving Family

Introducing Augustus, affectionately known as “Gus Gus,” a stunning Persian rescue cat from Nashville, Tennessee.

It’s almost unbelievable that such a gorgeous and affectionate cat like Gus Gus was once wandering the streets for several months before his rescue.

His adoptive parent, Madeline, shares his heartwarming story with us.

Augustus, or Gus Gus, was my inaugural foster cat through the organization Fluff Nashville.

We felt the name Augustus perfectly matched his quirky and amusing character, reminiscent of the Gus Gus character from Disney’s Cinderella.

This charming Persian blend was found after spending three months living on the streets.

Picking him up for the first time, I was struck by his large, expressive blue eyes looking up at me from his carrier.

As I reached in to stroke him, he began to purr instantly – it was a magical moment of instant connection!

Bringing him home, he was in desperate need – reeking of trash and so famished he devoured three bowls of cat food.

During the weeks of fostering him, the thought of letting him go brought me to tears daily. It became clear he was destined to be a permanent member of our family.

We already had two lovely cats, Khaleesi and Toogie, and after some convincing, my husband agreed to welcome another.

So, Gus Gus officially moved from being a foster to a forever family member!

But, three cats is our limit, my husband and I agree. We’ve fostered nearly thirty cats since then, but none have captivated us quite like Gus Gus.

What’s Gus Gus like? He’s the epitome of sweetness!

He eagerly runs to greet me every day after work, meowing all the way. He’s like my shadow, following me everywhere, constantly seeking affection and companionship.

He particularly loves cuddling next to me in bed, often on my pillow. Although he’s affectionate towards my husband, there’s no doubt he’s a mama’s boy.

Gus Gus’s Tale of Joy

Despite his fluffy appearance, Gus Gus is quite small, weighing in at just about 7 pounds. His exact age is unknown, but our vet estimates he’s between 4 to 6 years old.

He revels in the attention he gets, especially when he’s donning his Halloween costumes – he looks incredibly dapper!

Everyone who meets Gus Gus falls for him immediately!

He’s the epitome of friendliness, welcoming everyone at the door. He’s adored by our guests, the vet, and even the cat groomer.

Gus Gus has brought an immeasurable amount of happiness and laughter into our home, completing our little family perfectly.

Madeline is an active foster for FLUFF Nashville, helping cats and kittens find their forever homes.

Curious to see more of Gus Gus and Madeline’s foster adventures?

Follow them on Instagram to keep up with their delightful escapades!

Author’s Reflection

Gus Gus is undoubtedly a handsome feline, but it’s important to remember he’s a rescue. At National Kitty, we advocate for the adoption of rescue cats. If you’re looking to adopt a specific breed, consider checking local shelters and rescue organizations before turning to breeders.

Many purebred cats end up in shelters or with rescue groups and need loving homes. Even if they don’t have the breed you’re looking for, most organizations will gladly contact you when they do.

Adopting a cat is a beautiful and ethical way to find your dream pet!

Remember: Adopt, don’t shop.

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