Funniest moments babies are left alone at home with dad

Just dads being dads.

You have to give it to the dads.

These men try their best to be good dads but there are just times when “being a guy” gets in the way. There’s a reason why mom vs. dad videos are funny, because trust the men to do something extraordinarily silly with any chore that includes kids.

There will be a time when safety hats will be required in dad-centered parenting. Here’s a compilation of the best dad and baby moments that will make you hold onto your ribs!

Baseball is one of the first sports any baby will learn.

As they say, playing catch is an important bonding moment for a father and his son. It strengthens not only relationships but groin muscles as well.

Dads take it easy on making a pitch. Babies, however, don’t hold back with the swing. A home run is a beautiful thing to see but when the ball goes to the “family jewels” instead, it will make for a fine but painful story.

Maybe it’s a way for the babies to make sure there will be no siblings. We’ll never know.

Another thing to teach is fitness.

As a parent, one needs to stay healthy. We need to be there for a long time for our kids so we need to stay in shape.

Babies make for the best workout companions because they can motivate you in ways you can’t think of. Advanced pushups with commando crawl? Check. Half crunches? Double check. Pull-up bars? Too easy!

If you haven’t seen the fastest set of pushups, all you have to do is set your kid down the carpet and see their work like pros.

They’re just so fascinated with everything that we swear they’re just clueless adults.

They all watch as you move your legs to paddle and they even get their hands on barbells and dumbbells.

They must be so confused as to why we’re making everything hard for ourselves. And for the babies out there, it’s something about getting fit. That’s all we know!

Any father will go through the adolescent rite of passage.

No, we’re not talking about harassing your children’s prom date. We’re talking about teaching them how to drive.

But why start in adolescence when dads can do it as early as when kids drive miniature cars? Simple answer: it will hurt like hell.

A dad flips on his back when his small car suddenly sped up. Another dad fell off the flatbed when he was teaching his son how to drive a small mower. Who the heck even told them driving a car smaller than a couch was a good idea?

People all over the internet shared their experiences as well.

“As I dad I can confirm we are just like boys around our kids,” preached one of the top comments.

“This is why men develop Dadbod: it’s a protective padding to protect against, well, all of this,” Joked another.

Watch these hilarious interactions between dads and their kids in the video below!


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