Foster Heroine: Woman Rescues Trio of Unlikely ‘Babies’ – Meet Bat, Goblin, and Vamp in Their New Forever Home

In the lush greenery of Oregon, a kind-hearted foster mother named Sheila welcomed into her care a trio of diminutive and frail creatures she affectionately named Bat, Goblin, and Vamp. These little “house panthers,” or as Sheila fondly referred to them, “lap gremlins,” had been left at a local veterinary clinic under tragic circumstances — orphaned after their mother’s passing when they were just two weeks old.

As autumn’s breath turned the leaves to gold and the whisper of Halloween was in the air, these kittens, with their elegant smoke-tinged black fur, became an embodiment of the season. With eyes still sealed shut from their recent entry into the world, they were a tiny mystery waiting to unfold.

Under Sheila’s tender care, the once-ailing kittens began to thrive. Their eyes, a striking blue reminiscent of clear skies, finally opened, revealing a world anew. They blossomed into the “three sweetest babies ever,” a phrase Sheila used with a touch of humor and immense pride.

Sheila playfully introduced them to the world: “So many paws! From left to right, meet Goblin, Vamp, and Bat.”

The kittens’ escapades, a daily dose of joy and humor, captivated thousands online. There was Goblin, fighting the siren call of slumber, and Vamp, humorously demanding another bottle, playfully threatening Sheila’s toe in mock hunger.

“Sweet little Bat and Goblin,” Sheila shared, “are the epitome of blissful ignorance with their full bellies and sleepy brains. 😂”

The narrative of Sheila’s nurturing home expanded with mentions of her beloved Sphynx Cat, Gumby, and the adopted Peanut Butter, who played a part in rearing the adorable trio. Their kindness and patience with the mischievous Bat, Goblin, and Vamp were heartwarming to witness.

As Halloween came to a close, Sheila captured a comical scene of Vamp attempting to embody the spooky spirit, with Gumby as a bemused spectator.

“I survived a bear attack today,” Sheila joked, a nod to the playful dynamics in her lively home.

The turn of November brought changes, not just in the season but also in the kittens’ enchanting eyes, which shifted from the softest blues to a spectrum of green and gold.

The journey of these kittens was transformative, not just in their physical growth but also in their readiness to step into a new chapter of life, one that awaited them at the Oregon Humane Society. In a world where black cats often wait longer for their forever homes, Bat, Goblin, and Vamp found theirs in record time.

Letting go was a bittersweet moment for Sheila and the online community who’d come to adore them. Yet, in this parting, there was a beautiful truth: with each farewell, Sheila opened her home and heart to new lives in need of rescue.

The story found its silver lining as Vamp, now renamed Laszlo, flourished with distinctive ear tufts and a life filled with new companions.

“Vantablack kitten ♥️,” Sheila reflected, a fitting tribute to a journey that was nothing short of miraculous.

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