Empowering Women Through Cat-astrophic Photography: Shattering ‘Crazy Cat Lady’ Myths

Photographer BriAnne Wills from New York embarked on a project aimed at promoting cat adoption and dispelling the enduring myth of the “crazy cat lady.” Her project involves capturing women alongside their charming feline companions in a captivating photographic series. In addition to beautifully illustrating the bond between these women and their cats, Wills delves into the narratives of how these unique friendships began and the profound impact they’ve had on their lives. Many of these women share deeply personal stories of how their cats have contributed to their happiness and emotional well-being, with some even attributing their feline companions with saving their lives.

Hollie And Beetle In Williamsburg

GG DeFiebre And Gizmo

Jen Hsieh Is A Production Manager Who Currently Resides In Astoria, Queens

Emelia And Olive In Sunset Park

Baby Sarah

Heather Newberger And Finn

Ashley Jayne Meyers And Her Kitten

Sibba Hartunian And Huxley

Allie Kw And Claude

Cat Willett And Edgar

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